Thursday, April 12, 2012

Well, my magical friends, has it really been SIX months??! It HAS, and I am back in Toronto! From Serignac to Caunnes-Minervois to the UK to Ireland (for a couple of readings and a workshop) and back for a stunning month in Paris. Plus side trips to Barcelona and a reading and university gig in London (courtesy of Todd Swift), it's been a hectic whirlwind with more visual art than the average person sees in a lifetime!

Now my attentions turn to the finishing touches on my spoken word CD - Gratitude Songs - which I've been working on with the multi-talented Graham Powell. Stand by for news of that, and news of whether I'll ever start writing again!

A book arrived for me in the mail last week - a lovely anthology about creating a garden - in which I have a small poem. The launch, for those of you in New Mexico, is on the 21st April, 3pm at the Harwood Art Centre. I can't be there, but I urge you to drop by if you have the chance!