Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just completed the first draft of a cycle of poems about the carnival during the depression era for my collaboration with Rick Sacks. It's going to be a performance piece, and you can take a peek on Saturday February 5th at Array New Music Centre when we will perform a snippet - stay tuned for more deets.

Now that my cupboards are bare of all the Christmas goodies, and the food fog is lifting, I am starting to work on my various writing projects again. Today the sun is beaming in the windows and it's time to start thinking about the nature of dreams.....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year, dear readers!
I started the year off right when I delivered a poem for the Mayor's Levee in Cobourg on the afternoon of January 1st. The Mayor's Levee is a tradition that dates way back to Louis XIV who would invite gentlemen to his chamber on new year's day so they could hear what his plans were for the coming year. A room full of gentlemen is something many of us can only dream about ;) . The reading set up a kind of resolution for me to buckle down to writing the myriad projects I have simmering on various back burners. I actually need an Aga to accommodate all those pots!