Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello Folks!

Draft 6 of Sleeptalker is complete and with Andrea. Andrea is also in the process of casting the reading. There's a blog you can check out for skimpy news of Sleeptalker - cool photos from the period there also! Make sure you pencil in the 28th July for the workshop reading - they'll be drinks and poisoned eclairs for you to imbibe while you give us your feedback!

As for the CD - well, today is the day when Graham, holed up in his studio, is starting to make the music! Using the trusty Snowball mic, I laid down the vocal guides for 13 tracks! It's great fun and I get to hear some of it on Wednesday!

Apart from that, I have a reading coming up in Cobourg on July 12th at Palisades Garden at 6 pm - hope to see you there!