Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

I've embarked on a new project - Folk Art Poetry. This is a series of poems that I am making music for and recording for your listening pleasure. Now, I'm not a musician, but I enjoy experimenting with the sounds that an instrument makes and fitting them in with the tone of a certain poem. When I call them 'Folk Art' poems I am referencing the visual art world and the genre of creating not fine, but utilitarian or outsider art. With this project, instead of creating physical objects, I am making sonic folk art - using instruments for their sounds in a naive way to create a different (for me) vehicle to present a poem. 

I'm constantly in awe of anyone who as mastery over an instrument, and I love when people play for me. Professional musicians might roll their eyes when they hear my attempts at music - but I'm having fun! My collection of Folk Art Poems can be found on my Soundcloud page - please check them out!